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Associate Pastor/Missions

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It all started when...You are never more like Jesus than when you are serving other people.  Every Christian has a mandate to use his/her skills and talents to serve the needs of others. On the mission field, we seek to serve those most in need. In all of our mission projects we seek to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the people we come in contact with. That is exactly what Jesus did. In Acts 1:8, Jesus said:

But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.
— Acts 1:8

Scripture commands us to start at home and to go into all the world as witnesses for Christ. We at First Baptist Church take that command seriously and strive to obey it wherever we go. We believe that every Christian is called to go. We offer a variety of mission opportunities that anyone can participate in. We challenge every member to pray and obey in the area of missions that God leads them.

 To extend the ministry of our church across the street, around town, nationally, and around the world. Missions at FBCPC is about offering opportunities for all ages to engage their world with the gospel and love of Christ. We provide training, encouragement, and projects locally, nationally, and abroad.

You shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.
— Acts 1:8


Food Pantry

As a church we have committed to provide food at no charge to those who are in need.  The Food Pantry is open for distribution only on Tuesdays from 9:30-11:30AM at 734 Grace Avenue.

We accept food donations by way of our food barrels that are located in the foyer of the Worship Center and Atrium of the Fellowship Hall at our main campus.

To get involved with this ministry call the church office (850-785-6146) and ask for David Flatt for more information.

Clothes Closet

The Clothes Closet is open for distribution on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30-11:30AM at 740 Grace Avenue.

 We accept clothing donations during the week by dropping the clothes off at the church office, during regular business hours, or bringing them to the Clothes Closet during their times of operation.

To get involved with this ministry call the church office (850-785-6146) and ask for David Flatt for more information.

Pregnancy Resource Center

A non-profit organization dedicated to helping teens and adults cope with the challenges of pregnancy. We are supported solely by donations from individuals, business partners, and area churches. The Pregnancy Resource Center is steered by a volunteer Board of Directors and employs an Executive Director to carry out day to day operations.

Cedar Grove Elementary

Every Adult Sunday School class adopts a grade level class at the elementary school and commits to helping with supplies and activities. Enjoy volunteering and helping children in our community?  Please contact David Flatt for more information on the Cedar Grove Partnership at dflatt@firstbaptistpc.com


WMU | Woman’s Missionary Union:

First Baptist ladies meet once a month in one of two groups.  Ladies volunteer through various mission projects in our church and local area, learn from and support missionaries in the field, as well as share with others. The Round Table morning group meets the second Monday of the month at 10:30 AM in the Family Life Center, while the afternoon group meets on the fourth Thursday at 2:00 PM in the Family Life Center.  Keep informed of meeting dates and more information through the bulletin.


National Missions

Builders for Christ  

Builders for Christ is a commissioned group of volunteers to seek to help growing churches and Christian facilities with construction needs.  They provide renovation help and new construction for churches at no cost.  Project locations and times vary throughout the year.

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International Missions


First Baptist Church has committed to minister to the Quilombola people of Brazil. The Quilombola people are descendants of runaway slaves. During the slave trade, for every slave that came to the United States, seven went to Brazil. Many of these slaves ran away and created isolated communities in the jungle. They have remained isolated from the mainstream culture of Brazil. Our goal is to partner with Brazilian churches to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of this unreached people group. As a church, we take teams to help them accomplish their mission of spreading the gospel and helping the people of the area.

For more information please contact David Flatt, Minister of Mission at dflatt@firstbaptistpc.com


The province of Québec Canada is a beautiful and unique place. It is beautiful because of it's location and it's French culture. It is unique in that it's people, the Québécois, are the most unreached people group in North America. Less than .06% are evangelical. In the 1960's we had a cultural revolution in the US. In Québec they had a cultural reveloution that included casting off the traditional church. As a result, most Québécois are growing up with little to no knowlege of God. 


Join us as we minister alongside pastors and workers who have a heart for these people - their people that God has given them. We can help them but also learn from them. Our culture is not far behind, we can learn how to minister to those who have not grown up in a spiritual bubble.