Children’s Devotionals

Tips for Family Devotion Time

  1. Keep them regular.

    Set a specific time of the day, such as breakfast, after dinner, or before bed. 

  2. Have everything handy.

    Have everything you need in one place.  Maybe in a basket - have a Bible, paper, crayons, pencils, and a devotional book on your dinner table, coffee table, or by the bed.

  3. Keep it engaging.

    Make sure your devotions are age appropriate. Keep it relevant to their daily life. Check out “Levels of Biblical Learning” on the church’s website.

  4. Keep them fun.

    You want your kids to eagerly anticipate the devotional time. Consider a craft activity, acting it out, puppets, allow them to help you - the list goes on. Some days you may have the extra time and some days it may be really simple.

  5. Keep them real.

    Make sure your kids know you are human and make mistakes. Provide a model of grace, humility, and forgiveness for them to follow.

  6. Be flexible.

    Some days will not fall into a routine. Be creative and do your devotions on the run: in the car, at a store, or with a neighbor. Incorporate a favorite Bible verse or challenge into the plans for the night. Live out your faith in the drive thru, at the soccer game, or while shopping. While watching TV or going to a movie, talk with your child about the Christian principles you saw in that show.

  7. Children are special.

    Watch your children and engage with them to see the positives of what they are doing. Deliberately look for love in action in your children or spouse. Encourage one another.

  8. Be yourself.

    Ask God to help you create this special time with your kids. Each child learns differently and has a different personality. Stop and allow God to use you as their parent.