DAVID FLATT   Associate Pastor / Adult Education


Associate Pastor / Adult Education

On-Campus Small Groups

Large group adult Sunday School

If you aren’t a part of a Sunday school small group already or can’t make their meetings, join us for a large, catch-all Sunday school class that follows the same curriculum as all the other small groups. This interactive group led by Ron Danzey will meet in the worship center at 8:45 AM.

most excellent Way Sunday School

Whether you have struggled with addiction or are someone one who is affected by addictive behavior, you are invited to join Rick McClung and the Most Excellent Way group for Sunday school in the Grace Building on the corner of Grace Ave. and 6th St. at 8:45 AM.

Student Sunday School

Our student ministry meets every Sunday morning in the student building at 8:45 AM and breaks into small groups: MS boys, MS girls, HS boys, HS girls, HS seniors, and parents of teens.

Children’s Sunday School

This exciting, high energy learning time is for children 1st - 5th grade. They will meet over in the gymnasium for games, songs, stories, scripture learning, and Bible truths at 8:45 AM and will be escorted over to the worship center for Children’s Worship at 9:45 AM.

Preschool Sunday School

Babies through kindergarteners will meet at 8:45 AM for Sunday school in the worship center:
Babies (rm 192B)
Ones (rm 192A)
Twos (upstairs reception area)
Threes (rm 182)
Fours (rm 177)
Kindergarten (rm 178)

Off-Campus Small Groups

Our education buildings were severely damaged by Hurricane Michael and deemed unusable, so many of our small groups have been meeting off-campus throughout the week.



20 Somethings Class (Truth Building @ 11:15 AM)

Doug Brock Class (Melvin Home @ 8:00 AM)

Broersma Class (Broersma Home @ 9:00 AM)

C. Ellison Class (Hutchinson Law Firm @ 8:30 AM)

Hecht/Kirkland Class (Cove Condominium @ 8:30 AM)

Jerry White Class (Jerry’s Home @ 8:30 AM)

S. Kimball Class (Kimball Home @ 2:00 PM)

Lambert Class (Varied Location @ 4:00 PM)

Mabery Class (Student Building @ 5:00 PM)

Sally Jo Pitts Class (LJ Kelly’s Home @ 8:00 AM)

Sarvis/Turner Class (Howell Bait & Tackle @ 8:30 AM)

E. Snellgrove Class (Ashley Lovejoy’s Home @ 8:30 AM)

Snellgrove/Master Class (Wilson Home @ 8:00 AM)



Alligood/Bailey Class (Varied Location @ 9:00 AM)

Littlejohn Class (Truth Building)

LLL (Student Building @ noon)

M. Ellison/Rose Class (Student Building @ 10:00 AM)



Ed Grant Class (Bill Zahler’s Home @ 9:00 AM)

Encouragers Class (Regency Towers @ 10:00 AM)

Millenial Life (Varied Location @ 6:00 PM)



B. Massey Class (Chula’s @ 6:00 PM)

Roland Palmer (Varied Location @ 7:00 PM)



Carol Ann Whitehurst (Brooke Lovejoy’s Home)

Judy Bailey Class (Babs Maxwell’s Home @10:00 AM)

Nelson/Cox (Jeff’s Home)

Sarah Ann Gay Class (Betty Hoskin’s Home @ 9:00 AM)

...we are encouraged through the Scriptures. The Word gives us hope and instruction for daily living.
— Romans 15:4