Send a Team

Thank you for your willingness to help our community recover from Hurricane Michael. In this time of great need we have such an opportunity to be a witness for Jesus Christ. People are watching how we as Christians will respond to those around us. While many are acutely aware of their physical needs right now, many are not aware of their spiritual need for a Savior. Getting trees and debris off their property will help them now, getting them the Gospel could change their eternity!

Please click the links below to learn more about our provisions, safety advisory, and expectations for our volunteers. If you still have questions, call Nathan. When you are ready to coordinate your visit, click the red button below.

Thank you again for giving your time, resources, and support as we work together, all for the glory of God! We are excited to connect with you in ministry!


640 Grace Avenue
Panama City, FL, 32401
United States