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Need a place to connect?  Look no further and join us weekly for Bible study.  Our Sunday School Small Groups are people studying God’s word while helping each other navigate through life.

Romans 15:4 says, that we are encouraged through the Scriptures.  The Word gives us hope and instruction for daily living.

Our adult classes are organized generally by age, but this is only a starting point! We want you to find the place that’s right for you! If you are new to our church family, greeters at our Welcome Desk would love to escort you around our campus and introduce you to Sunday School. There are more than 50 adult classes from which to choose – feel free to visit several before you settle into your perfect spot. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday morning at 9AM.




300C                   Coed           Bill & Myrna Sears
301C                   Coed           Billy & Beverly Findley (meets on Wednesdays at 6PM)
301C                   Coed           Lee & Julie Casey (Nearly/Newly Weds)
304C                   Coed           Stephen & Jennifer Sims

Connect (20-30 somethings)

201C                   Coed           Ron Danzey

303C                   Coed           Ken & D’Laine Jones, Seth Snellgrove
305C                   Coed           Michael & Lori Taylor
306C                   Coed           Mark & Joni Broersma
309C                   Coed           Tate Carow & Clay Brookins

104FLC                Coed           Chris Gainer & Mike Shepherd
105FLC                Coed           Larry Morris
106FLC                Coed           David Flatt

106C                   Ladies         Julie Clark
108C                   Ladies         Susan Kimball

200C                   Coed          Nelson/Cox
202C                   Ladies        Mary Freeman
203C                   Coed          Roland Palmer
205C                   Men            Ron Sarvis & Howard Turner
207C                   Coed          Tony Thompson
208C                   Coed           Jim & Sonya Mabery

201a-B                 Men            Jody Brookins
203B                   Coed           Donnie Smith & Jim White
203FH                  Men            David Hecht & Bobby Kirkland
204FH                  Coed          Barry Massey
208FH                  Ladies        Elaine Snellgrove
209FH                  Coed          Tim Law

Chapel     Coed           Larry Bruce (LLL)

100D                   Coed           Richard Cooley/Sandi Tidwell
102D                   Coed           Doug Brock
103D                   Ladies         Sarah Ann Gay
105D                   Coed           Alligood/Bailey
109D                   Ladies         Jerry White

144-WC               Ladies         Ina Wood
Wkrm                   Ladies         Judy Bailey
192a-WC             Ladies         Lucile McMahon & Sandra Wilson
192b-WC             Ladies         Marcia Ellison
177-WC               Coed           Grover Holland
178-WC               Coed           Bill Littlejohn
Choir Room         Coed           Clyde Ellison
Security 182        Men            Dennis Fetrow

233b-WC             Men            Ed Grant
244-WC               Coed          David Phillips
247-WC               Coed           Sally Jo Pitts

preschool ministry logo

Babies A     101     Glen & Sheila Tison, Pat Holland, Lois McLeod, Karen McQueen
Babies B     104     Tommy and Natalie Dean
Ones B       105      Nancy Bowman and Mary Catherine Philips
Ones A       106      Candi Hutchison and Barbara Walker
Ones C       107      Tom and Tammy Martin
2 yrs A        200      Leigh Brozina and Phyllis Brookins
2 yrs B        202      Melissa Adams and Brooke Conley
3 yrs A        204      Tracy Fetrow, Carolyn Bunting and Teresa Tootill
3 yrs B        206      Ina Crawford and Lidia Vazquez
Kdgt A         302      Quentin Nunnery and Stephanie Chesnut
Kdgt B         303      Donna Coggins and Kim Harders
4 yrs A         306      Brian & Lynne Hess and Cathy Grant
4 yrs B         308      Gina Holloway, Paula Williams, and Jennie Pons

children's ministry logo

1st grade A          307B          Shari Beshear & Renee Pickle
1st grade B          305B          Sandra Chisholm, Linda Lawrence, & Mike Owens
2nd grade A         407B          Linda Sims, Bob Ludlum & Paul Lewicki
2nd grade B         405B          Misty Russ, Ginger Gainer, & Marilyn Bishop
3rd grade A          403B          Mike & Pam Hutton, Dave & Leonie Clark
3rd grade B          401B          Amy Canfield & Joy Winn
4th grade A          406B          Merideth Thompson & Caroline Bell
4th grade B          404B          Gail Knowles & Steve Wilson
5th grade girls      400 B         Marie Griffin & Jody Wobser
5th grade boys     402B          Bill & Betsy Hughes, Roger & Lisa Stewart


thrive logo - regular copy

6th Grade Guys      102            Willie Pollard & Tim Brock
7th Grade Guys      101            Waylon Thompson & Jon McFatter
8th Grade Guys      202            David Barger & Rocky Sanders
9th Grade Guys      209            Josh Jordan & Rob Gray
10th Grade Guys    210            Ricky McNarron, Clifford Knight, & Lloyd Cadelec
11th Grade Guys    205            Garrett Casey & Brett Conley
6th Grade Girls       206
7th Grade Girls       204            Brooke Flatt
8th Grade Girls       208            Natalie Brock & Kelli Chastain
9th Grade Girls       207            Kathrine O’Meara
10th Grade Girls     211            Gina Granville & Laura Granville
11th Grade Girls     203            Bonnie Broersma & Deena Shepherd
12th Grade Co-ed   201           Ty Clark & Jessica Booker

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